It became apparent a little over ten years ago that what when giving a seminar or during a show, especially when the audiences were large - that a lot of the education was lost, simply due to the fact that everyone couldn't see precisely where partings and sectionings occurred in a particular technique. Educators were bound to our PowerPoint slides with two dimensional drawings and hairdressers weren't able to reproduced the techniques when they returned to their salons.

Teri created the "Mad Hatter" in 1998 - a mannequin head with a Velcroâ„¢ skull cap that covered the entire hair line. She then used felt pieces that had been cut into circles, ovals, crescents, triangles, rectangles, diamonds and a number of odd shapes that suddenly worked beautifully when wrapped around the curvature of an actual head shape.

Later, Teri created Where she brought her expertise in teaching hairdressing and styling, and the technology geniuses were working specifically within the disciplines of animation, video post production and Internet application engineering to bring the world the first complete, multi-media learning tool of its kind anywhere - and it's specifically for professional hairdressers.

Teri thought it was such a good idea, she went ahead and patented it!

US PATENT#7,532,223 - Apparatus and method for teaching artwork and cosmetic adjustment on the human form using 4d rendering.